(Me as a kid falling asleep eating a Snickers. The good life.) It’s been a long time since an update but I have enough new information now to warrant a post. The past 2 years in treatment has been so slow moving. I could have never anticipated it going this slow and being so uneventful. […]

Today is November 3rd and in exactly one month I will turn 30 years old. As the final days of my 20’s count down, I can’t help but reflect on the last 10 years of my life. All of them spent in pain. I’ve had some good times though as I think about some of […]

(Me and my cute twin nieces)   Do you ever wonder when the trials end? This beautiful summer is just floating by me as I lay in bed. I’ve been pretty miserable the past 2 weeks. Some days completely unable to walk in a straight line without falling over, some days in extreme pain to […]

(photo by Shari Richins)   Spring brings me such hope and renewed spirit. I spend a lot of my warm weather days gardening and studying humming birds. I’ve always dreamed of having the best of long lens cameras so that I could take endless beautiful shots of such intriguing birds. Through the years I’ve also […]

I had been experiencing pain for many years. I thought I understood it well until my raw burning nights came along. At first, I fought with pain. Every night was an all out war of frustration and enmity. The pain would morph my dreams into excruciating nightmares of snake venom destroying my veins and tissues, […]

I just woke up from the most beautiful dream. I was in an old house by an old piano and I started playing its broken keys. This song emerged and I wrote it in its entirety with other instruments and harmonies. I woke up and quickly sang what I could remember into my phone. It’s […]

The one question that is on everybody’s mind, “How are you doing?” So far I have not seen improvement in my journey to health. But as I research endlessly and extensively, I find that is the rule, not the exception. The other day I asked a question to a Facebook group of 13,000 Lyme sufferers, […]


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